Why Smartgrow

Industry Expertise

Explore the industries most relevant to you. We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions.

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  • Client Value Proposition
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What We Offer for You

We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions.

Strategic Direction
  • Defining a powerful Vision which will drive your business
  • Develop related Mission statements ensuring you live your Vision
  • Establish non-negotiable Values everyone to live by
  • Create your company’s Value Proposition for your Client
Management Reporting (MIS)
  • Ensure measuring the right things
  • Reacting and Support in respect of Management Reports
  • Facilitate that Key Ratios are set up, measured and reacted to
Effective and Happy Workforce
  • Correct Appointments
  • Happy and Effective Staff
  • Making effectiveness understood and complied to by all
Effective Budgeting, Pricing and Financial Ratios
  • Ensure Client’s budget to relate to Company structure, products & services layout
  • Facilitate a proper pricing strategy, related to your budget and company structure
  • Support to define the key business financial ratios applicable for Client
  • Constant support to our Clients to ensure abidance to Key Ratios
Ensuring Client Focus
  • Define primary focus of Key Players
  • Ensure proper Support Functions in place
  • Obtain and ensure effective Service Providers for Non-Core functions
  • Assist Clients to keep focus on Core Business
  • Identifying funding requirements
  • Sourcing best service provider and product
  • Coordinating Due diligences and funding applications
  • Continuous monitoring of Treasury function
Strategic Objectives and Strategies
  • Efficient and Optimal Company Structure
  • Define you long and short term objectives
  • Create and support your strategies per objective
  • Support the creation of defined action plans
  • Develop reporting structures to ensure abidance to the strategies and plans
Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Establishment of an effective Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Creation of a Communication Plan for your business
  • Facilitate compliance to such strategies
Other Support Functions
  • Adaption and use of effective Cash flow Forecast Model
  • Salary Models related to your industry and size
  • Formalized Employee Training Model
  • Employee Performance Monitoring Model
  • Ensuring supporting policies and procedures are in place
  • Proper IT approach and solution for your business
  • All BBBEE structure and reporting requirements